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[FANFIC] I Do Not Want To Work

Unedited Version

Somehow I'm hearing Kugimiya Rie voice when I read Rokuko dialogue in Japanese language

Because it's full of colloquial sentence some of words meaning is changed and added to make it more understandable

Just a random translation to practice my colloquial knowledge, may be dropped at any times


1,987 words

I do not want to work

“I do not want to work.”

Other world summoning. And, when the god said that it will listen to one of my condition, I, Mashita Keima, answered like that.

“......um, what do you mean by that?”
“I prefer a live where it’s alright even if you don’t work.”
“......Will it work even if you reincarnated to something like a tree?”
“Yeah~, that’s goo~d”

The god breath a sigh with an astonished face.

“Um, hey...... the reason as to why I’m listening to your terms, did you hear it?”
“Oh? What was it again?”

It was something like want to circulate the mana, what to do with the monster...., it’s that kind of talk, I think, however, I didn’t really listen to it.

“For some reason, in the previous world you researching something similar to a golem, right? That’s why I thought that you’ll full of eagerness to do that......”
“Huh? Hahaha, for a student of the present day like me to do that? there is no way I can do that, right?”

I want to live in ease by making a maid robot and leave all matters to her, that was what my dream is.
What the heck is this god saying to me who have that kind of dream where if I were to talk about it to others, they would know with a glance from my brief comment that I’m a useless member of society.
By the way, the reality about that research is at the school I was doing a research like I just playing around by moving a 30 cm ready to use Robo-kit. Why don’t I make it myself? It’s too botherso~me......

“Mn, since there is no more time too...... though you already said your terms, I’ll entrust it to the following person.”
“......well, I’ll give you a power so that you can understand just the word on that world. Also, if you do your best on there I’ll give you blessing accordingly on your part in there.”
“I don’t want to work degozaru......”
“There is things like magic on the destination world where you will be reincarnated, however, accordingly the civilization on there is not developed and because of that I don’t think you can continue living in there without doing a work, you know.”
“I want to go home......”
“Then, do your best, ok~.”

My field of vision is covered in light.
In this way, I was summoned to the other world.


“Yo, yoshi! The summoning is success! ......huh? are? Hu, human?! why?!”
T/N: “are” is in Japanese not English – indra13

Though I don’t know the theory behind it, I appear in a room that is wrapped with wall and floor that faintly shining in white.
In front of me, wearing a white one piece a cute girl type that would make a lolicon drolling, an existence called a blond loli is there.
But unfortunately, I like someone older, sorry ok?
......For me who have a foot fetish, it’s not like she won’t look good with a knee sock, but.....

“Why......? Even though I have invest all of the DP, for me to got this small fry species,WHYY
“......Is it fine to sleep?”
“I wonder if it’s fine for me to sleep? Ah, do you have a futon?”
“It, it taaaaaalks?!”

What’s wrong with this gal. Even though someone is trying to sleep she is yapyaping around, what a noisy gal she is.

“Ugugu, what the, for a gacha monster to talk, I never heard such things, you know! ......Ah, Human hu~uh. Perhaps if it’s that then maybe it can talk?”
“Oi, what’s wrong with you? ......my ears is hurt, you know, tone down your voice.”
“Ah, ye, yes. ......wait a minute, what’s wrong with this guy?! I’m the one doing the summoning, you know? even though you ought to be the one that hear what I’m saying quietly.”
“Oi, little girl...... Are your papa or mama, home? I wanna go back to my home though, so can you call them?”
“WHO IS LITTLE GIRL, HUH! Li, listen ok, you are a monster that was summoned by a dungeon core, ok! And because of that, I’ll work you hard till you die!”

Dungeon core...... Monster...... Un, I don’t understand what she is saying at all. Being summoned, I am not to become something like a hero, huh?

“Hey, hurry stand up, go outside and kill all of the bandit! Because I even invest 1000DP on you, you are actually strong, right?!”

How can you just suddenly saying such a dangerous thing? Oi.

“I understand, since I will hear your story just a little so talk. Dungeon core, monster, di~ pi~, what’s that? Being summoned is...... I do understand if it’s that.”
“Ara, what the, I wonder if its smart because it can even talk. I wonder if its a magic user group...... Oh well, it’s fine I guess. This is my dungeon, you know.”
“Little girl is dungeon master......?”
“Fuuun, so you are at least understand about dungeon master, huh. However, there is no dungeon master in my dungeon, you know. But, if I must say, I wonder that perhaps I am dungeon master?”

Of course, I don’t know what kind of occupation dungeon master in this world is, how ever from my memory of a fantasy like game, an imagination about what kind of occupation dungeon master is came to me.
But, dungeon core...... in other words, it’s the heart of a dungeon. And that is this little girl......?

“Rather, to say that human is a small fry species, aren’t you a human too~?”
“I’m different, you know, this appearance is just a human appearance...... huh?! How dare you refer me as “you”, call me Goshujin-sama!”
“A~, now that you mention it, I haven’t heard your name yet, huh? What sholud I call you?”
“Me? It’s Dungeon Core Number 695.”

Number, huh. Soo frugal...... no, Number 695 means that at least there are 694 more out there, I guess. If that’s the case then it can’t be helped if the naming process become frugal.

“Understood, it’s Rokuko right?”
“Huh? What is?”
“Iya, because Dungeon Core Number blablabla is hard to call, I change your name to Rokuko. Your full name is called Dungeon Core Rokuko, ok? Ah, I’m called Mashita Keima.”
T\N: if you pronounce Rokuko name it will become Dai Roku Hyaku Kyuu Juu Go Ban Dungeon Core LOL. Keima name is a bad pun, see below LOL – indra13

Dungeon Core Number 695 revised to Rokuko is looking at me with ‘what the heck is this guy saying’ look.

“Yes? Masutā Kēma? ......I wonder if its an alias? Rather, How come you selfishly――”
T\N: LOL, baka Rokuko – indra13

Name Accepted, Master Recognized
T\N: LOL – indra13


Though I don’t know how. Thus, I became a dungeon master.


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This is what happen when you let your operating system be self-conscious.

July 12, 2015 at 6:44 PM ×

Thanks for the chapter~

Isn't Rokuko-chan the dungeon core herself? In that case why is the Master being decided by an automated system rather than herself?

July 12, 2015 at 9:34 PM ×

an entire new series eh, well just increase what i a need to read :v

July 13, 2015 at 8:35 AM ×

she is the one accepting Keima as her master, she the part where I laugh ^^

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I'm assuming it's because she called him "Masutaa Keima". Masutaa, as in "master".

July 14, 2015 at 9:43 AM ×

Just a small note: it would actually be pronounced "roppyaku" rather than "roku hyaku".

July 14, 2015 at 12:18 PM ×

if you say so, since I forgot how to actually pronounce it hahahaha

ah, and thanks for informing me ^^

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